Deadly robot battles in cyberspace


  • You can play missions on your own or join online battle arenas
  • Three different types of robot to choose from
  • Earn credits to upgrade your robot's features


  • No background music
  • Slow movements and action make it a bit boring

Not good

XBlaster is an online game that gets you engaged in strategic battles with a futuristic twist.

When I say online game, I mean this game can be played directly on your web browser, without installing anything. All you need to do is creating a free user account and you're good to go.

The first step in XBlaster involves choosing your preferred character between ranger, defender or hunter. Each one of them has special skills and abilities, so you can have the one that fits your gaming style most. After that, you can start playing right away.

XBlaster lets you take part in solo missions and play in arenas against other players. Unfortunately both game modes are quite boring, as the robot moves too slowly and your ammo takes ages to destroy objectives. In any case, I'd rather choose the arena option because here at least you have human opponents and not game-controlled enemies whose AI is really terrible.

As you progress through missions and arena battles you earn credits, the in-game currency you can use to upgrade armor, buy more ammo and obtain better weapons.

XBlaster features decent graphics, but quite repetitive sound effects – and no background music at all.

XBlaster is an online robot battle you can play right in your web browser, but it's certainly not the most entertaining game I've ever seen.


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