NagaSkaki 4.00

Free chess game with several difficulty levels


  • Ten different rivals to play against
  • You can create your own opponent
  • Can save games and positions for later resume
  • No installation required


  • No LAN or Internet games
  • Plain appearance

Very good

This cute little game could almost be considered a must-have for all chess lovers.

NagaSkaki looks simple, but you'll find quite a powerful chess machine under its basic lines and colors. The game allows you to play against ten different opponents with varying chess levels, ranging from one who has just discovered chess and can barely move pieces on the board, to an expert chess master that will take you time to beat. What's more, you can create your own rivaling bot and customize its features to make it match your chess style and level. You can also play Human vs. Human games, but only with two people seating in front of the same computer.

NagaSkaki includes some features such as the ability to go back and forth along a certain game's movements or the possibility to save the game as it is to resume it later on. Plus, as it doesn't require installation, you can take it anywhere with you in your USB memory stick.

With NagaSkaki you can play chess just about anywhere, against a computer-controlled opponent or against a friend on the same PC.

NagaSkaki is a free, fully functional chess program for Windows. It is available for download and you are encouraged to distribute it to as many people as you want!

See what this game features for you:

  • Opening Book
  • Levels: Seconds/Move, Blitz, Tournament and Beginner
  • Chess Clocks
  • Load/Save pgn files
  • Hash table
  • Shows best move and evaluation of position



NagaSkaki 4.00

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